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Kilve 2017
Kilve 2016


The children have had a cracking second day at Kilve today. It has been activity day - and whether you enjoy a spot of team building, den building, grass sledging, archery or rifle shooting, there has been something for everyone! 


This evening the children have tucked into their dinner with great gusto: there was roast chicken or vegetable curry, with chocolate eclairs for afters! 


Now the children are getting ready for their campfire and then their final night in their cabins. 


The children have had a great day! They arrived at Kilve Court Outdoor Centre and helped unpack the coach. They then got straight back on and headed up to Dead Woman's Dyke on the Quantocks. They enjoyed a 5-and-a-half mile walk back to the Outdoor Centre, through fairly misty conditions. They enjoyed a spot of dam building too! 


In the afternoon, they arrived back and found out which cabins they were in. There was then a good deal of unpacking and playing in the field behind the cabins. At 18:00 it was time for tea! Spaghetti bolognese or macaroni cheese or salad and ice-cream and waffles for dessert! 


At 19:30 Year 5 was heading up to the den building area to begin their fire-lighting challenge, whilst Year 4 set off for their night hike! 


Year 4 and 5 have just left... in the rain! Hopefully the weather will brighten up once they arrive at Kilve. Keep watching this space for photo updates whilst the children are away! 

Kilve 2015

Today the children got up in good time and emptied their cabins of all their belongings, packed up and retrieved anything that was wet... which was quite a lot of things... They made a large pile of baggage under the eaves of the Outdoor Centre, before tucking into their breakfasts. 


After breakfast, they finished sorting their things out and cleaning their cabins and taking down any tents. The gift shop opened and they enjoyed a happy time making purchasing a memento or two! Finally they were ready to face the maze. This intricate yew-lined creation kept them busy for well over an hour: finding the centre, finding the exit, collect hand stamps from hand-stampers in boxes and finally playing a large game of tag! 


The children are tired, and ready to come home, having had a wonderful time at Kilve for another year! 


Well done all! 


You might think that the wet weather would put the children off their activities,  but don't you believe it! Despite making everything wet the rain had little effect on dampening the spirits of the children. They threw themselves into their activities with great gusto - from rifle shooting and archery through to the climbing wall and the stream walk, the children have had a brilliant time today. 


At the end of the day they enjoyed their dinner too! 



The children have had a wonderful first day at Kilve. They arrived this morning at just after 10:30, dropped off all their baggage then boarded the coach once more for the short drive to the top of the Quantocks. A road closure meant their walk started in the wrong place, and they had a steep climb to get to where they needed to be, but they persisted and were unperturbed!  


They stopped for lunch and then afterwards enjoyed ambushing Mr. Donley in a mud fight! One child even lost a shoe in the mud! Luckily for him another child was carrying spares in just the right size...


When they arrived back at Kilve, they were excited to find out which cabins they were in and then they spent an hour sorting out their belongings, and playing in the glorious afternoon sunshine. 


Dinner was heartily tucked into by all - spaghetti bolognaise, or macaroni cheese, or salads with garlic bread and/or dough-balls. Many a clean plate - and a queue for seconds!