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Wednesday 13/1/21

The timetable I will be following in school, for you to use as a guide, is as follows:

9.15-10 Literacy. Please watch the input lesson. The children do not need a worksheet as they will be writing a description of the setting. This can be written in Literacy books, on Dojo or on to Word and then uploaded. 

10-10.30 Guided Reading. I have saved a copy of the whole text below. You only need Chapter 3 for this lesson and children can read it on screen or as a printed off copy if you wish. I have also uploaded a video of myself reading the text which children can read along with. There are some questions to think about as they are reading/ listening and then questions for them to answer in full sentences. This can either be written in your homework book, on lined paper, or typed on to Dojo. You only need to do session 3 today.

Make sure you have a break and try and move about or get some exercise! There are a range of activities you could choose from in a resource called NetFlex which is on our class page on the website.

11-11.45- Maths. Todays lesson is a big jump up and focuses on really tricky work. The children in class struggled with it and lots of misconceptions arose. For today I would just like the children to watch the input lesson (it is longer than other days) and complete the guided work while they are watching. We will be continuing with this work next lesson so please don't worry if they struggle. As a challenge see if children can compete the last question on the sheet which we didn't complete in class. I also have a bit of a technical issue half way through the video! 

11.45-12- Spellings. We are moving on to list 2 on your spelling list. I have uploaded an explanation and task focusing on the different spelling rules for each group so please only download the work for your child's group. Group F are focusing on High Frequency Words so do not have a spelling rule to practice, just an activity and Group J also have an activity to complete rather than a rule to practice. 

Have a long break- at least and hour and please try and move around again and get some exercise.

Well-being Wednesday! I have attached a link to 2 Yoga sessions- one aimed at children and one aimed at adults (parents please feel free to use this video if you wish!) You will need a password to access this resource which is: WELLBEING401

We are using this resource in school regularly to focus on the wellbeing of the school community; adults and children. It has a mixture of meditation and yoga sessions to help support well-being and mental health during these difficult times. 

Topic: I have attached a document which has a range of tasks for children to choose from which are themed around Volcanoes. This links to our Literacy, Topic and Science work this term. Choose one activity to complete each week- some tasks will be completed quickly (e.g. the word search task) and others will take longer (e.g. the working model of a volcano!). It would be really great if children could keep all of the work they complete together to present to the rest of the class when we are able to all come back to school together. On our class page I have created a folder with links to websites and videos that might help you with this work.

Literacy 3

This is "Literacy 3" by Hannah Lintern on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Guided Reading 3.MOV

This is "Guided Reading 3.MOV" by Hannah Lintern on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Maths 3.MOV

This is "Maths 3.MOV" by Hannah Lintern on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.