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Monday 1/3/21


This week is book week and so will follow a slightly different structure to our usual weeks. All of our activity are focused around a book called 'What We'll Build' by Oliver Jeffers. All resources have been delivered to you (or will be tomorrow morning if you live in Catcott!) 


Session 1: Talk through the PowerPoint I have uploaded. Then on the sheet, design what you think the characters in the book will make. We have a good discussion in class about who the characters could be looking for clues about the age and gender of each character. The children in class thought that the characters were a father and son... I wonder if they are correct. They also had some really good ideas about what the characters could build. I have uploaded a photo of the mind map they came up with.


Session 2: Maths. Watch the video which introduced using a ruler to measure. The biggest misconception children in class have when measuring is that they measure from the end of the ruler, rather than looking for the 0. A lot are confident measuring in cm but struggle with mm. If you have tape measures or sewing tapes at home it would be really great to have a look at them as well and see if children can spot cm and mm. Have a go at the worksheet titled 'Draw and Measure Lines', by measuring the different lines and drawing your own to match the measurements. In class I also cut spring in to lots of different lengths for the children to practice measuring. We then compared if we had all worked them out to be the same length!


Session 3: Talk through the PowerPoint. If you have the tools at home, it would be great to get them out and talk through the names and how they work. Some children in class were really knowledgeable about the tools and others couldn't recognise many of them so it would be a good discussion to have. Then have a look around the house at the different construction materials you have. This could be lego, duplo, junk modelling resources or wood. On the sheet, children need to design something they want to make, labelling it and describing it feature. Then they can have a go at making their design. In class we made tablet stands, shelves, worry dolls and decorative objects! 

Using a ruler

This is "Using a ruler" by Hannah Lintern on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.