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Friday 15th 

The timetable I will be following in school, for you to use as a guide, is as follows:

9.15-10 Literacy. Please watch the input lesson. The children will need the literacy 5 worksheet, which can either be printed or accessed on dojo. First they are asked to edit the diary entry, checking whether the apostrophes have been used correctly to show possession. Then they need to continue writing the diary entry to show other activities Livia could have done. This can be written in Literacy books or typed on to dojo. I have uploaded a picture of the shared write we did in class to be used as an example. 

10-10.30 Guided Reading. I have saved a copy of the whole text below. You only need Chapter 5 for this lesson and children can read it on screen or as a printed off copy if you wish. I have also uploaded a video of myself reading the text which children can read along with. There are some questions to think about as they are reading/ listening and then questions for them to answer in full sentences. This can either be written in your homework book, on lined paper, or typed on to Dojo. You only need to do session5 today. The children in class struggled with these questions especially question 1 and 2 as they couldn't picture what was happening to cause the 'claw marks'. We discussed that the ground would be shacking and moving leaving cracks in the earth. 

Make sure you have a break and try and move about or get some exercise! There are a range of activities you could choose from in a resource called NetFlex which is on our class page on the website.

11-11.45- Maths. Today we move on to calculating the area of shapes. Children will need the guided sheet printed off to be used as they are watching the video. If you have time after, please choose one of the worksheets to complete based on how confident your child is feeling. The guided sheet is the priority to complete. Please stop after 45 minutes-1 hour. The maths sheets will need to be printed and completed rather than being able to be completed on Dojo. If you can, try to print both pages on one A4 page.

11.45-12- Spellings. We are now working on list 2 of your spellings. Please choose an activity from the spelling menu to practice these words. Some children have individual spelling and so need to work through their spelling activity pack instead. Please send me a message if you are unsure what group list your child needs to practice- groups are not the same as last term. There is a copy of your new spellings stuck in the front of spelling books.

Have a long break- at least and hour and please try and move around again and get some exercise.

Topic: Continue with the piece of work you started on Wednesday or start a new activity.

I have attached a document which has a range of tasks for children to choose from which are themed around Volcanoes. This links to our Literacy, Topic and Science work this term. Choose one activity to complete each week- some tasks will be completed quickly (e.g. the word search task) and others will take longer (e.g. the working model of a volcano!). It would be really great if children could keep all of the work they complete together to present to the rest of the class when we are able to all come back to school together. On our class page I have created a folder with links to websites and videos that might help you with this work.


Golden time: Every Friday we have 30 minutes of Golden Time!

Shared Write for Literacy

Literacy 5

This is "Literacy 5" by Hannah Lintern on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Guided reading 5

This is "Guided reading 5" by Hannah Lintern on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Maths 5

This is "Maths 5" by Hannah Lintern on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.