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Monday 25/1/21


This is the timetable I will be following in school for you to use as a guide:


9.15- Please watch the input lesson. We will be reading a non-chronological report about the Celts, which the children will need a printed copy of. We will then be highlighting and annotating different word classes so the children will need different coloured pens or pencils. I have uploaded an example copy where I have highlighted the first paragraph and the fronted adverbs. 


10- Guided Reading. This weeks Guided Reading is using pages from a Horrible Histories magazine all about the Romans. Children need to read the text, independently if possible, and then answer the questions in full sentences. I have put all of the questions on to one page, only day one needs to be completed today. 


Break- have a break and try and get some fresh air and exercise!


11- Maths. We will be starting a new topic of time. I would like the children to independently complete as much of the pre assessment as they can, any questions they aren't confident with can be left. This is so I can aim the lessons at the correct level for the majority of the class- I know some will be very confident with analogue time and need to practice digital, others will be confident with both and some will need support with telling the time on analogue and digital! This pre assessment will just give me a rough idea of what needs to be covered. If you do help your child complete it please let me know which bits they needed support with- maybe use different colours to show independent and supported work. 


11.45- Times table practice. Spend some time practicing your times tables for the MMO level you are on, remembering to link to division. You could use some of the links in the Times Table folder on the class home page. 


Lunch- have a long break, at least an hour, and try and get outside for some fresh air and exercise.


ICT- I have uploaded new instructions to make a jumping game.

Literacy non chron reports

This is "Literacy non chron reports" by Hannah Lintern on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.