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Wednesday 3rd March


Session 1: Talk through the session 5 PowerPoint. Your task is to recreate the place that you feel most at home. This might be your own house, or the house of a friend or relative, a virtual home that you’ve built, for example on a game like Minecraft or Animal Crossing, or another place that you feel really at home in – a park, a library, at school, a place of interest that you visit regularly, the football field, in an art studio etc.

Use art materials to bring your visualisation to life on a page, drawing yourself in the place you feel most at home.

You could even use a shoe box or make a diorama from card that you use to create a 3-D representation of this place.


Session 2: Maths continues with our work on measuring. Please watch the lesson input. You will need to complete this task outside so I hope it is dry for you!


Session 3: Talk through the session 6 PowerPoint. What will you make time for? The book shows a special watch that has pictures instead of numbers. Use the image to create your own watch of pictures, thinking about the things you will make time for after lockdown. E.g. you might draw a bucket and spade if you are looking forward to going to the beach!

The start of our shoe box homes...

Tallest building measurements

This is "Tallest building measurements" by Hannah Lintern on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.