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Watch the film below. In the film, we see a young girl decorating the grave of her mother.  It is quite a sad scene in contrast to the party scene in the nearby village. 

After a few moments a delicate blue flower grows from the grave.  As the girl tries to pluck it from the ground it wraps around her wrist and pulls her down into an underground world. 

Here the girl meets a band of Mariachi Skeletons and a skeleton lady who takes her on a fun adventure, dancing and partying across the underworld. 


Soon the festivities come to an end and the girl realises the skeleton is her mother.  The film shifts back to the 'real' world cemetery and we see the girl imagining she is hugging her mother once more.   At this point the girl seems to be much happier, maybe because she has had an experience with her mother, she skips off down the path to join in the party.


Can you write a description of one of the settings from the film? Think about what you might be able to see, hear, smell, feel and taste. I have added some setting description resources to help you. 

Dia de los Muertos