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Home-Learning Timetable

Home-Learning Timetable


I have put together a rough timetable for home learning that you might find useful. The structure follows the regular school day. The timings are given to show how long a subject should be given. You can of course do the work in whatever order you wish, but you should make sure that all maths, English (both grammar and writing/literacy) and guided reading tasks are completed as a priority.  I'll give a brief rundown of what home-learning will look like for you. 



There will be a fluency PowerPoint (PP) to complete Monday-Thursday. This is similar to what you were doing in class. These questions are to help you revise previous maths learning and keep it fresh. 


There is also a maths lessons which will cover new content. The 1 hour also includes time listening to input (videos and PPs) not that you should solidly work at a task for 1 hour! 



English will come in two parts: grammar and writing/literacy. For grammar, I have chosen to focus on spelling rules as those tasks are quite manageable independently. 


I have said writing/literacy, because as you know, we do lots of tasks that lead up to extended writing that are not necessarily writing paragraphs. As with maths, the timings for grammar and writing/literacy include listening to input or reading through the instructions. 


Guided Reading 

I have switched to a different resource so that it is easier for you at home, so it will look different to class, but it is the same in that you read a text and then answer questions.


There are four sets of questions: quick warm-up ones that do after reading the text on day 1; vocabulary related questions that you do on day 2; deductive questions (so, things you need to work out that might not be obvious) on day 3; evaluative questions (which are a bit more challenging) on day 4. 


Topic & Other Work

This will be either something related to our topic of WW2, history, geography or art, or RE and PSHE. In RE we are looking at the Christian concept of salvation. In PSHE we will be looking at money and work.


Spellings & Times Tables

Although you are home-learning, you can still be practising these two things. I will upload weekly spelling lists to Class Dojo and the 'Monday' subpage of whatever week we are on. Learn these, do your sentences as normal in your homework book and then someone at home will need to test you on Friday.


Times tables are ongoing so keep these ticking over. Remember, practise the tables you find difficult to recall and/or the facts that are tricky!