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Monday 11th Jan

Writing Lesson

I recorded a 25 minute literacy lesson today with the children but sadly it did not save and I have completely lost it. It was a discussion based lesson where we talked about the story 'The Magic Paintbrush' and what we thought of Shen and the Emperor. 

So, start off by watching the story (there are 2 links below to the story book and a different version of the story which is animated... focus on the original story book for now and watch the animated story at the end of the lesson if you have time, or perhaps in the afternoon).

Discuss with somebody at home your thoughts on Shen and then the Emperor. Here are some things that we decided:

Shen is kind, thoughtful, caring, brave, selfless, courageous and strong. She stood up to the Emperor and refused to give in to him as she knew he was greedy and didn't deserve (or need) the things he was demanding to have. She puts other people first and wants them to be happy. She likes looking after people.

The Emperor is selfish, greedy, mean, rude, demanding and bossy. He doesn't care about anyone else but himself!


We then read the persuasive letter from the Emperor together (there is a copy of this letter stuck into your writing book but also a PDF doc of it in this folder too), discussing any words that we didn't understand and hadn't heard of. We talked about what the Emperor was saying in each paragraph and what we thought about it. We decided that the Emperor really doesn't care about anything or anyone but himself and his money! We had a brief look at the text map (with the pictures) and next lesson we will be trying to uncover what the pictures might mean (without looking at the original text which has the words!) Next lesson we will also be making up our own actions in order to recite the text.