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Monday 1st February



This week we will be doing a shared write. Hopefully you are up-to-date with your planning, but if not, make sure you have done that first.


What we are going to do, is complete one paragraph at time during our shared writes. You will need to listen to the input then complete your own paragraph in that style. Remember, you can always look back at the recounts from last week (that is what we did in class) to help as well. It is important that you listen to the input so that you can here the thought processes behind the writing. 


Make sure you write every other line in your book (easier for your editing). Title can be 'Share Write for Recounts' with the date the long way. 


Remember, the first thing you write will not be the best thing you write. There's always room for improvement! Tomorrow we will think about that...



Grammar 1.2.21

Shared Write Video 1

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Shared Write Video 2

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Where I get cut off...

Shared Write Video 3

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