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Monday 1st February



What makes a good friend? What makes a good neighbour? 


To begin with, think of a story you like that contains characters that are good friends. How do you know they are good friends? What makes them good friends? What actions or events proved this to you? 


Now think about your own friendships.


Your first task is to use the the first page to annotate the person, what it is that makes a good friend.


  • What boundaries do you have in place with your good friends?
  • What expectations do you have of your friends?
  • What expectations do they have of you? 
  • What kinds of things are valuable in a friendship?
  • What kinds of things are not okay in a friendship? 
  • What might harm a friendship? 


Now think about a neighbour. You may have some in mind in particular. 


  • What sorts of things that make a good friend might also make a good neighbour?
  • Do all things that make a good friend necessarily make a good neighbour?
  • Are there some things that are acceptable in a friendship that are not okay in a neighbourly relationship?
  • What is not okay for neighbours to do?


Now complete the second page in the document and come up with a pledge on how to be a good neighbour.