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Headteacher's Letter - Lockdown Provision

Dear Parents, 
Thank you for your patience and support throughout this rather extra-ordinary week. Since the Government’s lockdown announcement on Monday evening, the staff at Catcott have worked tirelessly to set up our blended learning to ensure that the children’s education continues as smoothly as possible. 
Now the dust has settled, we thought it would be helpful to update you on our new school and home based learning for the next few weeks.    
Following the Government’s National Lockdown guidelines some children are allowed to attend school, so will be participating in school based learning, whereas other children will be remaining at home and receiving home based learning. All children, whether at home or school, will be taught by their class Teacher, covering the same learning objectives and enjoying the same tasks.  
School based learning We are asking all children who are attending school based learning to attend school from 9.00 to 3.30, wear their school uniform (PE or Outdoor Learning kit for timetabled days) and to bring a snack for break times. Those entitled to free school meals have been offered school based provision. As rooms will be ventilated and children will be encouraged to use our outside spaces, a warm coat, extra jumper, hat and gloves would be advisable. Although not compulsory, we are encouraging staff (and children if they wish) to wear masks in communal areas of the school and when moving around inside the buildings.  
Home based learning For those children based at home, Teachers have prepared for some of their school books, such as Maths & Handwriting books, to be collected on Friday. This will enable all the children to record their learning in a similar way and hopefully will help everyone feel they are participating in lessons as normal. Please can we ask that these books are looked after carefully as they need to be returned to school when everyone returns after the lockdown period. For all home based children, school book packs will be available to collect on Friday 8th January from 10.00am ready for the learning on Monday. Please follow social distancing protocols when arriving at school and buzz Tracy on the main Reception Gate.  
Daily work will be set on Dojo/Tapestry or class pages on the school website. We can also prepare Home Packs for those unable to access devices, but please only request these as a last resort and they will need to be collected from the school safely. As staff are teaching full time in the classroom, the delivery of packs is unavailable.  

 Home based learning plan:

  • Teachers will provide a simple timetable of the day’s subjects, where to find lesson resources and a rough guide to the length of time to spend on a task.  
  • For Maths and English, Teachers will video record their main teaching input from the classroom and upload it onto their class website page/Dojo ready for home based learners to use the next day.  
  • Teachers will endeavour to prepare work ready for the next day the night before, so any resources can be prepared. As lessons are daily, work cannot be prepared a week in advance.
  • Teachers will provide regular feedback on Maths and English work sent in on Dojo or Tapestry.
  • The afternoon tasks will involve project based learning covering the creative curriculum. This work needs to be recorded carefully in their topic books or kept in a folder – please do not send this work in for marking, but we ask the children to bring the work back into school when everyone returns, to be shared with their class. 

To help those having home based learning, we have set out some expectations:

  • Children should try their best and be proud of their effort.  
  • All children should attempt their Maths and English tasks each day – core subjects.
  • The presentation of work in books should be the same high standard, as if in school.
  • To use proper writing equipment for recording work in books –  Teachers will guide you on whether to use pencil or proper handwriting pen.
  • All families to regularly communicate with their child’s class teacher – copies of some Maths & English work/photos sent in for marking and any wellbeing updates. Teachers are keen to maintain good contact with the children and parents as they care about the children’s learning and wish to support them as much as possible during this difficult time. 

To reduce printing, where possible, we would encourage some tasks to be completed on the screen or to write directly into the school books. 
If a child is unwell, for whatever reason, we ask kindly that they do not attend school - there is no expectation for them to complete any school work whether based at school or home as they need to recover and recuperate properly. Please either leave a message on the school absence line or telephone the school office to inform us.  As a reminder we will be sending out the current Covid 19 health guidelines shortly.  
Whilst we hope we can maintain these school and home based learning plans for the foreseeable future, any reduction in staffing or a Covid 19 positive incident will invoke updated measures. 
I hope this helps explain the new way of learning, but please do not hesitate to contact me or your child’s class Teacher if you have any further queries. 
Yours sincerely, 
Mrs H Farnie