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Headteacher's - Re-opening School Arrangements

Dear Parents, 


We are delighted to be re-opening the school fully on Monday 8th March when the school buildings will be open to all the children again.


As a Staff, we are all looking forward to having everyone back together and the set-up and structure of school will be similar to the Autumn term. This letter is to help inform you about the planned arrangements and to prepare your children for returning to the school, whilst keeping everyone as safe as possible.



Drop-off arrangements

Parking in the school car park by parents is NOT permitted as this is where children will be entering and exiting school. This needs to be kept clear at all times to allow parents and children to queue safely, whilst keeping socially distanced at all time. Following Government recommendations, we would encourage parents to wear face masks whilst dropping off and collecting their children around the school site.


We will be returning to staggering both the start and end of the school day and ask kindly that these times are adhered to as closely as possible:


o Surnames A – C – 08:45am

o Surnames D – L – 08.55am

o Surnames M – Z – 09:05am


  • If parking on Manor Road up the hill or walking down from Edington/Church please drop off your child at the vehicle gate.
  • if parking around the war memorial or walking in from Catcott, please drop off your child at the pedestrian gate.

If your child was asked previously (during the Autumn term) to arrive at an earlier time by their Teacher, then please continue with this arrangement. If unsure, please check with your class Teacher for confirmation.


Only children and Staff are allowed on the school site, so Staff will be welcoming children who are dropped off at the gates. Understandably, there may be some anxious children, returning after such a long time away from the classroom. Pre-school nerves and wobbles may occur, but Staff will be on hand to help the children to quickly reacclimatize back into the school routines. 




Collection arrangements

All parents need to collect from the vehicle gates at their collection time. Parents are asked to maintain social distancing whilst waiting for the children to be released in family groups or one at a time:


o Surnames A – C – 3:15pm

o Surnames D – L – 3:25pm

o Surnames M – Z – 3:35pm


Children who will be arriving on school transport will be met by a member of Staff and taken into school once they have washed their hands. Children returning home on school transport will be leaving school premises at approximately 3.40pm.



Breakfast Club and After School Care - CATTs

The availability of our wrap-around care is still limited and will only be available for key worker & vulnerable children for this half-term. We are hopeful that some sports clubs and more CATTs availability will commence after Easter.


If your child fits the above criteria, you need to book them in prior to attending Breakfast and After School Care via the following email address The children will be kept in their Bubbles for both Breakfast and After School Care.


Breakfast Club: You will need to bring your child to the main entrance gate and ring the bell where your call will be answered. If attending breakfast club, the gate will be released and your child will walk to the hall where they will wash their hands before entering the school building.

After School Care: When collecting your child from Catts/After School Care you will need to ring the bell at the main entrance gate and your child will be brought out to you after washing their hands.




A Parentmail will be sent shortly with details for booking hot school lunches starting on Monday 8th March.




In line with published government guidance, all children should be in full school uniform unless on specific timetabled days when they are having PE and Outdoor Learning. This is to reduce bags and clothing in school. On days that your child has PE they will need to come to school dressed in their PE clothes suitable for that day, PE will be outside whatever the weather! When your child has Outdoor Learning they will need to come to school dressed in suitable outdoor clothing. Wellingtons can be left in school.




Please refer to the timetable below for when your child is having these lessons








Rec/Year 1 class


PE clothes



ODL clothes

Year 1 & 2 class


PE clothes


ODL clothes


Year 3 class



ODL clothes

PE clothes


Year 4 class


ODL clothes


PE clothes


Year 5 class


ODL clothes



PE clothes

Year 6 class




ODL clothes

PE clothes



Golden Mile

For children in Year 1 upwards we will be continuing with the ‘The Golden Mile’. To remind you, this is an activity which children participate in for 10 minutes on a daily basis (in classes). This includes running or fast pace walking. This proved to be very successful last academic year for both the physical and mental wellbeing for all children. If your child has a spare pair of trainers these could be kept on their peg for this activity OR they could keep their trainers in their school bag and access these daily.



General Resources that your child can bring into school:


  • Water bottle (each child needs a named water bottle)
  • Lunch box if required
  • School book bag or backpack
  • Coat
  • Wellingtons
  • Trainers
  • Home School Contact Book/Reading books which need to be brought into school on a daily basis.

PLEASE do NOT bring in pencil cases or any toys.


PLEASE can all home based learners bring their school books/folders, any project work and Book Week creations back into school (in a bag for life/plastic bag) on Monday 8th March.



Medicines and Inhalers

Please ensure your child has their correct and up-to-date medication and inhalers for re-starting school. Please inform the school office if there have been any updates or alterations to contact details or medication so the ‘paperwork’ is correct.








The children will work in their normal class groups for lessons but for break & lunch times and Staffing the children will be grouped at school in Bubbles to limit the potential transmission of the Covid 19 virus. If a positive case occurs then Public Health England will inform the school that a Bubble needs to go into self-isolation at home for 10+ days.


To reduce the need for Bubble closures and the inevitable disruption this causes to school and home life, we ask kindly that if your child is ill that you act cautiously about sending them into school. If they are feeling under-the-weather, it may be cautionary to keep them off school for a day or two to check it does not develop into more Covid-19 like symptoms. Please inform your child’s class Teacher and the school office of any absences – for whatever reason.


If anybody in your household is unwell, we would again ask kindly that a preventative approach is followed, as we all try hard to reduce the likelihood of transmission. Staff are using the Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) on themselves to help identify any asymptomatic cases. Secondary school children are going to be using LFT twice a week, but this is not being asked of primary aged children yet.


Please visit the Catcott Primary School website for further Covid-19 information and advice from the NHS & Government.


Since January, Staff have been wearing masks in communal areas of the school or if working closely with a child or small group. If your child wishes to wear a mask whilst in the school building they may choose to do so. When participating in PE lessons, sporty activities or playtimes masks should not be worn.



If you have any further queries, please contact the school office by phone or email.


I look forward to seeing you all at our school gates on Monday 8th March.


Kind regards,