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Letter from Santa

                                                                                                                        11th December 2014


Dear Children

Wow I have received some amazing letters this year; thank you all for taking the time to write to me – with wonderful handwriting too, well done.


I have read every letter that the Royal Navy “Elf” affiliated service have delivered (and every other letter that has been delivered to the North Pole) and can assure you that my wonderful team of elves are doing their very best to ensure your faces light up on Christmas morning.


I want you to know it was your teachers who asked the Lynx and Wildcat Helicopters from the Royal Navy to pop in briefly to see you and ensure the letters written at school arrived here at the North Pole in good time, so please do not forget to thank them.


Keep up your good behaviour; not just today but every day; don’t forget – no one wants to be taken off Santa’s list at this time of year…it will be checked twice!!


Remember to be good and save a thought and prayer for those who are far away from home at this time of year and less fortunate.


Have a very Merry Christmas.

Santa Claus x