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New library

Over the holidays the library has had a face lift! There is lots of new furniture in there which returns the room to its original function but in a more modern and exciting way! 


The children have been enjoying getting in there and choosing new books. 


We have also changed the way that books are allocated to children. We will continue to have book bands for younger readers, but at the point they finish Lime Level books, they will become 'free readers' within the library. This will allow them to choose a fiction and non-fiction book from the library. There are 2 brackets of 'free readers' (school council will be naming the two groups shortly) and for now these are called 'Yellow' and 'Green' - since this is the colour of the label which denotes which level the fiction books belong to. Once a class teacher decides a child is ready to cope with the more advanced themes contained in the 'Green' level books, they will move them on. 


All reading books are still recorded on the child's reading record card within their classroom. 


There is still a little bit of decorating to be done, but it is nearly there!