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Welcome Back Letter

Dear Parents and Carers, 


Thank you so much for your support as we mark our return to a full reopening of school. It has been a very successful week with some adjusting and tweaking as you would expect. Attendance has been high and we have been impressed, as usual, by how the children have adapted and responded so positively, especially in Reception as for some of them they have never even been on the school premises. All of the children have been outstanding and should be very proud of themselves.


Throughout this week we are gathering children and staff feedback to see where improvements can be made to how the school runs. Whilst not all suggestions will be necessarily taken up, as we need to balance the need for safety and education, we would really appreciate any feedback that you may have - positive as well as constructive areas that may need development. Please let me know your feedback via my email address:


I am aware that we are not having the usual day to day contact that we would have had 6 months ago. I will be writing to you again shortly to inform you of what we are putting in place to allow you to have an insight into your child’s learning and a way of communicating with your child’s class teacher.


I have been very lucky to see all the children in action this week. It has been wonderful to observe them all engaged in their learning and playing with their peers. Here is what a few of them have said about their first week back at school…



"I spent the whole of lockdown and my summer holidays hardly seeing anybody and I didn't see any of my friends from my class, so I was really nervous about seeing everyone again. I have loved seeing my friends and I am really excited to be back in school!"                                 Yr 3 child




“Everything about school makes me happy!”

Year 1 child



“When I got to school it was different because I had to go through a different way. I was worried that my friends would have changed but it was exactly the same again!”

Year 4 child

“I was a little nervous at first but now I am here I feel happy again”


Year 2 child

“I was a bit nervous but after the first hour I was really enjoying myself. Everything is the same except regular handwashing. It’s great to be back at school!”

Year 6 child



“It's been very exciting, but nerve-wracking. I've enjoyed doing work and seeing my friends once again.”

                        Year 5 child


“I was a bit scared when I saw all the children but I like playing with all my friends.”


Reception child


I wish you all a wonderful weekend.



Mrs Sharon Foxall