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Reading Comprehension Parent Help


Below are some zip files to reading comprehensions from Twinkl. They were released monthly so you might find some month-specific themes such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day! 


Each comprehension has 3 levels: 1*, 2* and 3*. If and when I do use these types of Twinkl comprehensions, I would only use the 2* or 3*, depending on the child. You will need to make that judgement for your child in these circumstances. 


When you open up one of the individual comprehensions (for example, Alice in Wonderland), you will see there are 18 pages or so. Eeek! 


They arrange the comprehensions in order of difficulty but include the questions and answers with that. So, they will have the 1* text, followed by the 1* questions, followed by the 1* answers. Then the 2* text, questions and answers. Then the 3* text, questions and answers. 


You do not need to print these, the children can read them from the screen and answer questions in their lined books. Just make sure they don't cheat. Sneaky kids.