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Children Starting School In September 2018

We have made a little video of our school and some of the people who work in it.  We did this so that you can watch it with your child to familiarise them with the school.  Hopefully this will make starting school less daunting.  It might be nice if they could share the video with their family and talk about all the lovely things they will see and do at school.  We hope you enjoy watching.


Reception 2017.mp4

Still image for this video

 Book Bags 

The children who are going to start school in September recieved a book bag on the last transition session.  Those who didn't attend will be able to receive theirs on the first day of school.  The book bag contains a range of equipment for your child to use as they wish.  If you are unsure what to do, I have made some suggestions below -

- Scissors - These will help to develop your child's fine motor skills.  Your child can use these to practise cutting a range of objects.  You could draw lines (straight, curved, zig-zagged) for your child to try and cut.  You could move on to cutting out shapes or pictures.

- Pencils - There is a triangular pencil and an ordinary pencil with a triangular pencil grip, both are designed to help your child develop the correct pencil grip required for writing.

- A plain exercise book - Your child can use this to write (remember mark making is their early form of writing) or draw whatever they wish.  They could even keep these in their book bags to show me in September if they want to!

- Play dough - Again, this is really good for fine motor skills.  It is really good to encourage your child to squeeze and roll the play dough with both hands to make a long snake.  Your child could then use the scissors to cut it into pieces.

- Counters - These can be used for all sorts of things.  They can be counted e.g. How many red? How many blue?  How many altogether?  What would happen if I took two away?  How many more red would I have? etc.  You could also play tiddly winks with them to aid muscle development.

- Coloured cubes - Again these can be used for counting in different ways.  Your child could make towers of different heights and maybe write the number of bricks to go with it or split their tower into two and see how many cubes each one has.  Which one is the tallest?  Can you make one that is three bricks smaller?


The important thing with all this equipment is just to have fun playing and learning together.

Sea Aquarium Trip

We all had a fantastic time on our trip.  Take a look at the photos below.


We would like to welcome all the new Reception children to Catcott Primary School.  They are settling in well and enjoying exploring their new environment.


We have had lots of fun becoming familiar with our new classroom and eachother. 


Parents' Celebration Morning

CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE 2017 - click here to see the pictures. 


We have played outside everyday.  We have really enjoyed dressing up and riding the bikes.