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Welcome to the Reception Class Page.


This year in our classroom, you will be working with Teachers; Mrs Ashburne and Miss Downes   

and Teaching Assistants Mrs Gibbons and Miss Brown.


We are very excited to get to know you, to play together and learn lots along the way! 




PE day - Tuesdays - Please come to school dressed in your PE Kits.

Outdoor Learning - Fridays - Please come to school dressed in your scruffy clothes.


We started the half term with a trip to the theatre to see Oi Frog. This encouraged us to read lots of rhyming stories by Julia Donaldson and to think of our own rhyming couplets! We have been busy serving one another in our farm shop role play area as well as growing our own sunflowers and broad beans! The children have taken a huge interest in finding and rehoming snails in our outdoor area.

Summer 2: Oi Frog theatre trip, farm shop fun, 'What shall will we grow?' and plenty of snails!

Spring 2:

We all enjoyed celebrating World Book Day with a whole week of activities based around the story of Cinderella. Our week ended with a pantomime by the staff and a Royal Ball - don't we all look incredible! 

We stumbled upon some dinosaur eggs on our school field which sparked our imaginations for our dinosaur topic. The children did a good job of looking after the dinosaur eggs, but had a huge shock when the eggs began to crack and the dinosaurs escaped and trashed the classroom! We all thought about what types of dinosaurs might have been in the eggs and created our own class book of facts. Our role play area became 'The Dinosaur Dig Site' where we demonstrated good turn taking and role playing as we became palaeontologists. 


Spring 2: Cinderella invited us to the Royal Ball and Dinosaurs visited Catcott!

Spring 1:

We started the New Year with a frosty morning walk looking for frost to practice our name writing. We also discussed lots of words we could use to describe the freezing, slippery, shiny ice.

The children thought about what it would be like to live somewhere cold and this inspired us to learn through the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have been busy finding out about the South Pole, using our phonic knowledge to label penguins and even created our own ‘Lost’ posters to help the boy find his friend.

Autumn 2:

Our topics this half term have been ‘Space’ and ‘Celebrations – we have been learning through the stories ‘Look Up’ by Nathan Bryon and the ‘Jolly Christmas Postman’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

These books inspired our role-play areas and the children have got really good at predicting what might happen next when reading class stories.

We have enjoyed exploring our school grounds to look for signs of Autumn and even created our own mud monsters!

Autumn 2: Dunking biscuits, outdoor learning treats, space travel and Christmas!

Autumn 1:

Our topic is 'Superheroes'. We started the term by learning about the superheroes that help us in school, at home and the wider community. We also based our learning through the story ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra! The children have such wonderful imaginations and have enjoyed helping Supertato track down and capture the Evil Pea! We are feeling very proud of how quickly all our children have settled into life in Reception class.

Wishing our previous Reception & Year 1 class lots of luck in their new classes!