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School Meals

Our Food

Everything we serve our children is freshly prepared using fresh ingredients cooked to a very high standard. The Key Stage 1 Free School Meal initiative has created some interesting challenges to work around, but working together with Beech Catering, we are continuing to deliver the same standard of home-cooked food for the children. 


Ordering from the Menu

The menu covers 3 weeks of meal choices. Menu orders and payments must be submitted on the Monday of the 3rd week for the next 3 weeks. Order Forms and Menus are attached below, or can be obtained from the school or sent by request by email.


Key Stage 1 Free School Meals 

If your child is in Key Stage 1 then they are entitled to a free school meal. In order to opt-in to the Free School Meal initiative, you must submit the claim form, available from the office. Once you have opted-in a meal and returned a choice slip a meal will be cooked for your child every day - free of charge! 


Key Stage 2 Free School Meals

If you are in receipt of certain benefits, then you may qualify for a Free School Meal for a child in Key Stage 2 as well. If you think you might be eligible, then please speak to a member of staff, because eligibility attracts not only a Free School Meal everyday, but also Pupil Premium Funding - which is worth over £1000 to the school for the next 6 years of your child's education. This additional money can be massively helpful in ensuring your child makes good educational progress during their time with us. 


Key Stage 2 Meals

Of course, you may decide that the food is just so good, you want your child to be fed at school anyway. In this case you simply need to complete a menu (copies available from the school office), for the days your child requires a meal and return the menu with payment to the school office.  Payment is accepted by cash or BACS transfer to Beech Catering. 

Payments for school lunches are made directly to our catering company - Beech Catering. Payments are to be made in advance via cash or bank transfer. Please ensure payment is in a sealed envelope with your child's name, year group and amount clearly written on the front.