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Thursday 28th



Firstly, if you are working through work from Tuesday/Wednesday, please continue with that. It is better that you do that well rather than race. 


For those of you that completed the guidance work yesterday, I have uploaded the independent tasks here for ease. The final challenge in that is very tough. Below, there is a video walkthrough of a similar challenge (I've also uploaded a pdf of this problem if you wish to print and do it with me). This is particularly challenging, so give it a go, but don't stress if you don't quite manage it! 


If the above challenge is too much, I have included some other challenges along with a PowerPoint for audio guidance. 

Finally, for those of you that have powered through it all, there is the Farey Sequences work which I will upload support for tomorrow. If you are attempting this, it might be worthwhile seeing if you can arrange to chat with a friend online and work together. 


Challenge Walkthrough