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Tuesday 12th

The Lives of Men, Women and Children During WW2


For this work, you will need to research and make notes about life was like for the average man, woman and child throughout WW2. 


Now, it would be easier to start with children, then move onto women, then men. 


I have uploaded some rather thorough pages from a book in class and linked you to some different websites. If you have any books at home that are relevant, you can use them as well. The idea is that you can then use these notes to make comparisons with life for those groups in modern times. 


You probably will not get men, women and children completed in one afternoon (we did not in class), so focus on the lives of children and women during WW2 in this session. 


For a title in your books, use the title that is at the top of this page. Remember to put the date and to underline both. When making your notes, use subheadings (for example 'Lives of Children' or 'Women in WW2') to help set your work out.