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Tuesday 19th



Roles of Men During WW2


For today I would like you to finish off your research about roles in the 1940s. I have linked to the same website you've used previously and that page links to information about the Home Guard and ARP wardens. 


Our lesson took on a bit of Q&A session (I'll explain in a bit) so we are going to look at modern life on Thursday to then make comparisons. 


The reason our lesson changed course was because we watched a video about a 1940s kitchen. It linked back to last week where many children noted that, despite some women taking on men's jobs, many women remained in the home doing domestic work. Not to do domestic work down, I explained that many jobs would be whole day events: the washing was done on a Monday, ironing on Tuesday, repairing clothes on Wednesday... 


Below, I've also linked to a playlist from the Imperial War Museum showing you around a 1940s house. Even if you don't have time today, please find some time to watch them (you don't have to watch the whole playlist in one go!) as this is a great resource.