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Tuesday 23rd



For today's task, I would like you to complete the document below. 


You may remember completing a grid like the one on page 2 for WW2 and in previous classes. You are only putting things into the first two columns remember! 


In the column labelled 'What Do You Know?' it could be things that you think you know. It's OK to put things that you may have heard or suspect, they do not have to be 100% factual - we will discover if you perhaps have some misconceptions or stereotypes about our ancestors! 


In the next column labelled 'What Do You Want to Know?' come up with 4 or 5 questions that couldn't be answered with a quick Google search! 


Finally, there are 9 little 'fact cards' for you to do a bit of research about the Stone Age and complete. You don't have to do all 9 today though. Please make the facts interesting, weird and wacky (but clean...) as we can share all these when you return! Bonus points if you have a fact that no one else does! 


A note on the research: when researching about the Stone Age it is useful to use terms that link to your age group. Just searching for 'Stone Age facts' might take you websites that are quite complicated to read. Use terms such as 'KS2' or 'Year 6' or 'for 10 year olds' to help you.