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Tuesday 26th



Today's work consists of 3 sheets building upon the number line work of yesterday. I have modelled each task for you in 3 separate videos however, so you can get an idea of what to do! The sheets I'm using are different to the ones I've uploaded though, so don't expect them to match up. The task are the same, but the numbers are different! Please do not worry if you don't get them all finished today, you can always carry them on tomorrow. 


If you do manage to get through those in the time, you can always pop back to some of the challenge problems from Friday last week. Alternatively, I have uploaded another fraction based problem below that you can return to throughout the week. 


I have uploaded a fraction wall as fractions are quite an abstract concept! When completing the first piece of work, it might be useful to have this so you can compare your given fraction with 1/2 to see if it is larger or smaller visually. 

Maths Hello

Maths Work 1 Video

Maths Work 2 Video

Maths Work 3 Video