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Tuesday 2nd



In history we looked at propaganda posters, selecting ones from the washing line in class. Propaganda is information that is used to promote a particular point of view. It is quite often political. They are often bias (favouring one opinion over another). 


We discussed the posters and answered questions about them including: 


  • Who is the poster aimed at? 
  • What is it trying to do? Give a warning, information, advice or something else? 
  • Why has it been made? 
  • How is it successful? What makes the poster work in getting the message across. 


We also discussed some of the imagery used them and a bit of context to the poster. I've uploaded a document that contains our thoughts about some. 


Your task at home is to find some time when you can research some propaganda posters (you may have particular ones from class that you like) and speak with someone about them. Be very careful when searching, as some of the images might be distressing. If in doubt, do it with an adult.


 You could then perhaps design your own propaganda poster for a modern day situation, for example: climate change, food poverty in the UK, hygiene or anything else you think would be a powerful topic.