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Tuesday 2nd February

What we choose to spend money on has consequences for others and the environment. Through the small choices that they make every day, they can make a BIG difference in the world! Watch the video and see how. 

Change the world through your choices

Print and cut out the choices and consequences action cards below. Lay these on the table, face up. Can you match the choice with a consequence? Once you've matched the cards, can you try and answer the questions below? You could answer the questions through a voice recording, or video on class dojo, or just write it down- it's up to you!


Who was affected by these choices?
What countries were impacted by these choices? Can you find them on a map?
Can you identify the choices that were about buying choices?
Can you identify the choices that were made after buying the product?
When you are thinking about what to eat, drink, wear and buy you have two important choices to make. What are you going to buy? And what are you going to do with the product or waste after you have finished with it?