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Tuesday 2nd



Maths today is going to be focusing on fluency tasks related to comparing and order fractions. These fractions will be proper, improper and mixed numbers. It builds upon the guidance work of working out the lowest common denominator (LCD) from the lowest common multiple (LCM). 


You may find that some of the work draws upon your visual knowledge of fractions, as well as the work you completed on equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. Also, think about your fluency work where one denominator is a multiple of another. 


You will also see some revision work. Only do this if you are not feeling confident and feel you need to! The answers are included for that work so you can check for yourself straight after doing it.  


There are video explainers for the tasks if you follow the subpages. I haven't given you the answers, just a bit of help in how to go about solving them. 


Finally, all workings need to be done in your books NOT crammed on the sheets. Remember presentation basics Year 6!


Other Compare and Order Fluency Tasks