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Valentine's Day Card


Valentine's Day Cards


Below I have embedded the tutorial video from YouTube but I have also broken down some steps a bit more (I've explained more in the video where you can see me). 


Some of the children were unsure about who to send their Valentine's Day card to, however I suggested that this could be used as a bit of a 'thank you' opportunity towards mum's & dad's that have helped out with home-learning, or even popped in the post to a friend or relative that they have not seen for a while or who might be living alone and feel a bit isolated .


I hope you enjoy having a go at this. You need to be quite dextrous and patient but I'm sure you can do it! 

3D Bouquet Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day Card

3D Bouquet Step 1

3D Bouquet Step 2

3D Bouquet Step 3

3D Bouquet Step 4

3D Bouquet Step 5