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Wednesday 10th



For this afternoon's work, and to finish off our topic of WW2, I have linked to some recipes from the time. I have gathered that many of you have been doing some extra baking during this lockdown, so it might be nice to compare the recipes from that era to our own. The recipes you look at will have ingredients in quantities far different to our modern ones!


During the war, sugar and eggs were rationed so if people wanted to bake a cake they would have save them up over a number of weeks. 


However, many recipes were devised (and promoted by the government at the time) that used vegetables to add natural sweetness. Think things like carrot cake and beetroot brownies - although, I'm not sure they would have made brownies because chocolate was also rationed!


If you do have a go at this - either today or perhaps during half term - please send me some pictures of your efforts!