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Wednesday 13th



We are starting a new topic in RE, answering the question: what do Christians believe about salvation? 


To start with, I would like you to think about the term 'salvation' and create a piece of word art of what you think that term means. I have linked to the website you might be familiar with for that task. I have also uploaded the one we completed in class for you to see.


After you have completed your word art, download it (as a JPEG) so that you can then upload it to Dojo for me to see. 


After that, your next task is to create a comic strip of the Easter Story. You can included events that lead up to, and go beyond slightly, the key element of the story. You do not need to look things up, just include what you know, but do be thorough. 


I have uploaded some comic strip templates. You don't have to print them, but create your own based on them. I printed them half the size of A4 for the class, rather than have massive ones! 

Class Word Art About Salvation