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Wednesday 24th

PSHE / Current Affairs


In class, the children have asked to talk about the roadmap to ease lockdown that was announced on Monday. I will be going through the infographics that were released by the Government and taking any questions the children may have. I have included a document with these in if (and I stress if) you would like to discuss these with someone in your household. 


Also, we will be continuing with the final lesson from the 'Finders Keepers' sequence of lessons. 


This lesson focuses on budgeting in the context of the state pension. Some questions for you to discuss before you begin: 


  • What is a pension? 
  • What is the state pension? 
  • How old do you have to be before you can claim the state pension? 
  • Think about your weekly shop for your family. What do you buy? How much does this come to? 
  • What things are considered 'everyday' or 'necessities'? What sorts of things are treats?


Before you begin, read through the fact sheet and find out how much pension Bert & Ada receive. What do you think would be a suitable shopping budget for them? Keep in mind they need to buy other things! 


When you have thought about your budget, play the activity I've linked to below. You might like to do this a few times with differing budgets. In this activity consider the difference in cost between branded and non-branded items. What is essential? What is nice, but not essential? 


At the end, create some meal plans (using the activity to help) that Bert & Ada could have that would be within their budget.  



Government Roadmap Infographics