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Wednesday 3rd



For R.E. this week I would like you watch the video about Jesus washing his disciples' feet. It is a story that takes place at the same time as the Last Supper (which we'll be looking at in the future). 


Although the video is quite humorous, for Christians this story has special significance. 


For a bit of understanding, foot washing was practised in countries where it was hot and dry and sandals were the main footwear. When a guest arrived a person's house, water would be offered for them to wash their feet. Sometimes a servant would be provided to do the washing; other times as a mark of respect the host would do it. 


For Jesus to wash his disciples' feet, he was showing them through his actions, that he wished to be treated the same as them. Although they considered Jesus their leader, he did not want to be thought of as being more important and therefore beyond doing tasks such as foot washing. By him washing their feet, it made the disciples understand this. He instructed his disciples to treat others as he had treated them - with respect, fairness and equality. 


Your task is to continue your comic strip with a depiction of this story.