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EGG COMPETITION IDEAS! If you cannot get hold of eggs (I know that can be difficult at the moment) you can use anything else that you can get your hands on, e.g. ping pong balls, potatoes, rocks/pebbles etc.

Please find this Key Vocabulary document to support your child with their home learning tasks. I hope you are all keeping well and managing to enjoy some time in the sunshine. Keep smiling and I will see you all soon! Miss Ellis :-)

Friday 3rd April - don't miss it! What will you wear? :-)

Better late than never!! Remembering fun times when we did lots of great activities for Sports Relief! The children were AMAZING! :-)

World Book Day photos! Didn't the children look awesome? :-)

Please remember... I am always happy to help and I am only an email away :-)

I just wanted to share with you a Home Learning Timetable which gives you LOADS of ideas and links to amazing websites, videos and resources! Enjoy! :-)

A lovely craft idea if you have enough milk bottles! :-)

Need some help with using Purple Mash?


Also here is a useful video with more information about saving work on Purple Mash:


Please make sure that your child is SAVING their work before they exit the page. We have had a lot of lost pieces of work so far :-( 

Remind your child to click 'Exit and Save' instead of just 'Exit'.


Any questions, just send me an email and I will try my best to help!


Stay safe,


Miss Ellis x

This is an AMAZING resource for SPaG... have you been enjoying it? :-)

Did you all know that you can listen to David Walliams reading one of his stories every day! Listen to an audio book a day by following this link:



Happy listening Year 3! :-)

Join in on the fun by doing PE with Joe Wicks every morning at 9am! If you miss it at 9am, you can find it any time throughout the day on YouTube. Challenge family members at home to do it with you! It's pretty hard work!! ;-)



To celebrate Chinese New Year and to support our topic work, we had a Chinese day in school last Wednesday (29th January). The children all looked amazing as they came in dressed up with a Chinese theme. This ranged from Chinese ladies with neat buns in their hair and silk gowns, to Chinese dragons and Chinese Martial Arts experts! Our day was filled with fun arts and crafts activities, including making dancing dragons, creating Chinese Zodiac Animal booklets, Chinese number books and lucky purses with Chinese coins inside! In the afternoon we joined with Year 4 to enjoy some Chinese food and learn how to use chopsticks! We were so impressed with how the children were all willing to try new things! Some children even managed to change their minds completely from originally not liking Chinese food to wanting more and more!! The noodles and prawn crackers were particularly popular! The children's behaviour was fantastic all day and once again they made me a very proud teacher. Well done Year 3!! :-) 



We had a lot of fun on Monday and became Vikings for the day! We all dressed up (and didn't we look amazing?!) and we changed our names for real Viking names! We made name badges and the children had to try and remember to call me (Miss Ellis) 'Viking Hilda' for the day!


We made some delicious Viking flatbread in the morning. The Viking children had to read the recipe and follow the instructions without any adult help - they were great at following step by step instructions! We added honey to our bread at the end to make it taste extra sweet and yummy.


We also worked with a partner to carry out some research on Vikings in order to make a Viking poster. The children chose an area that they wanted to focus on, e.g. Viking homes or Viking boats, and they worked very well in pairs.


In the afternoon the Viking children made brooches using cardboard and string. They are not quite finished yet, but they all look super so far! The children thought carefully about their pattern and colours.


Well done Vikings! It will feel very strange going back to a 'normal' day in school now... 



Year 3 had a fantastic Viking Day at Carymoor on Wednesday. We were greeted by Karen who let us choose our own Viking names and dress up like real Vikings! We went on a runes hunt in teams and had to work out a secret code. We then worked in small groups to make Viking longhouses, with clay, sticks and straw. We learnt how to weave too! The houses looked great but they may be a bit too small for us to live in! We were very lucky to be able to sit in a Viking roundhouse - although it was a bit dark and chilly!! Luckily though, we had a fire to keep us warm. It also meant that we could make Viking bread and cook it on the fire! It tasted delicious - especially as we added some honey to make our bread sweet! Our brains worked hard in the afternoon as we also went orienteering! The clues were sometimes quite tricky so we had to work well as a team to find our way around.

The children's behaviour was amazing all day and I was very proud of every single one of them!

Well done Year 3 - what incredible Vikings you are!

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page


Teachers: Miss. Ellis

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs. Attwell 

We have been very busy in Year 3 learning all about the Anglo-Saxons! Here are some photos of what we have been up to in Outdoor Learning. We have played capture the flag where the Anglo-Saxons were in battle against the Vikings - they both wanted to invade each other's land. We also played 'Troll's Treasure' where we tried to sneak behind the troll and steal his treasure. We have also made our own dragon traps in teams. These traps were all very impressive and we caught lots of dragons! Well done Year 3, you are becoming excellent Anglo-Saxons!