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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page.


Teacher: Miss Lintern. Mrs Foxall (Tuesdays)

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Varney




The Romans

During this term we will learn all about volcanoes; how and why they erupt and where they are located before zooming in on Mount Vesuvius and the country of Italy. We will look at the climate and landscape before making comparisons with The UK. 
We will also learn all about The Romans focusing on key enquiry questions: why did they invade? Why did Boudicca stand up to the Romans and how do we remember her? How can we explain the power of the Roman army at this time? What do we know about Roman life by looking at historical sources? How did The Romans change life in Britain?

Our science topic is States of Matter and we will be learning about the different states- solids, liquids and gases as well as how we can change the state through melting, freezing, evaporation and condensation.



During our first topic, we will voyage across the Atlantic to discover the continent of North America and all its amazing countries, cities and landscapes. We will identify the 23 countries of North America, from the vast lands of the USA and Canada down through Central America and on to the Caribbean islands. On the way we will explore the various geographical features of different areas of North America and compare them with our own locality. 

We will then continue our journey in to South America, where we will focus on the country of Peru, learning about its culture, weather and geographical features including the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountain range.


During our Science lessons, we will be focusing on Animals including humans. We will be classifying and sorting animals in to different groups, as well as learning about teeth and the digestive system.