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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page.


Teacher: Miss Lintern. Mrs Ashburne (Tuesdays)

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Varney




The Romans

Our new topic for the Spring term is The Romans. We will start by focusing on the history of Rome- legend and fact- and understand where in Europe Rome is and how the Romans came to extend their influence and create such a large empire. We will also learn about life in Britain before the Romans arrived and how the arrival of the Roman armies affected the Celtic tribes. We will then try to understand eh power and organisation of the Roman army and ask historically relevant questions about why it was so successful. We will focus on key individuals from this era, especially Boudicca. 

During this topic, we will be reading Escape from Pompeii in our literacy lessons and learning more about Volcanoes, producing Non chronological reports. Our focus author is Caroline Lawrence.



During our first topic, we will voyage across the Atlantic to discover the continent of North America and all its amazing countries, cities and landscapes. We will identify the 23 countries of North America, from the vast lands of the USA and Canada down through Central America and on to the Caribbean islands. On the way we will explore the various geographical features of different areas of North America and compare them with our own locality. 

We will then continue our journey in to South America, where we will focus on the country of Peru, learning about its culture, weather and geographical features including the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountain range.


During our Science lessons, we will be focusing on Animals including humans. We will be classifying and sorting animals in to different groups, as well as learning about teeth and the digestive system. 

Autumn 2

Another busy term! We have continued our topic of Explorers this term, focusing on South America, especially Peru and the Amazon Rainforest. We started the new term with an Explorers themed dress up day. The children had been set a homework project to research an explorer of their choice to come dressed as. They also had to present facts about their explorer. The amount of effort that went in to these projects was incredible! We were completely blown away with how much work had gone in to each piece of work and we were really impressed with how confidently the children presented their facts to the rest of the class. All our activities for Explorer Day were themed around 'Brightstorm' written by Vashti Hardy, who is our focus author this half term. We designed and made sky ships, made compasses and used our map reading skills to navigate out way around Lontown.

Our literacy this term has been focused on Varjak Paw and we have worked hard to write our own suspense stories. We absolutely loved the book and would recommend it to everyone!

We hope everyone has a relaxing Christmas and a Happy New Year! See in in 2021!!

Autumn 1


It has been a busy half term! We started with a week focusing on PSHE discussing some of our worries about coming back to school- especially after having such a long time away! We focused on the book ‘The Colour Monster’ and talked about how we had mixed feelings just like the monster did- we were excited about coming back to school to see our teachers and friends but also a bit nervous and anxious. We had lots of fun making our own colour monsters as well! 
We then started our literacy lessons looking at a book by our Focus Author- David Weisner. We used the book ‘Flotsam’ to make inferences about characters and then to write a newspaper about all of the photos the boy discovered in the camera. This led us on to a topic focusing on writing Newspaper Reports using the book ‘Shackleton’s Journey’. We read all about the different problems Shackleton and his crew encountered on their expedition and wrote newspapers to report what was happening. Finally we became reporters using ‘Tuesday’ another book by our Focus Author and we independently wrote newspaper reports all about the strange things that happened on Tuesday night! 

Place Value has been our main focus in maths and we are all really confident with the place value of numbers up to 10000! We have used base ten and place value counters to help us.
Our topic has been ‘Explorers’ and we have used Outdoor Learning to explore North America, to practice our map reading skills, learn how to read compasses, make rainforest biomes and make rainforest ecosystems in bottles! It has been lots of fun! 
In our topic lessons lessons we have focused on North America, comparing it to the UK. We have looked at lots of different maps as well as finding out about the different physical and human features in both locations. 
In science we have begun our topic by looking at teeth! We carried out an investigation to find out which drink is the worst one for our teeth and lots of us were shocked by the results. We also had a visit from the dentist to explain the importance of brushing our teeth and how to make sure we are doing it properly! We also had a go at using disclosure tablets to show us the plaque that was on our teeth to help us clean them properly! We were shocked how quickly plaque can build up! 
In PSHE we have been focusing on friendships, thinking about what makes a good friend. 
In RE we have been learning about Humanism and we had a great question and answer session with some visitors from the Humanist Society in Bristol. 

Now time for a relaxing break to restore our energy for next term! 


Our classroom; Work in Progress!