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Year 5

Summer 1

This term is all about Ancient Greece! We will be exploring gods and goddesses, the Battle of Marathon, the Olympics and democracy. We'll also be cooking up some delicious Greek dishes for D.T food. 


In English we will be spending the next term learning about Greek myths, eventually creating our own myth. 


For our sports enrichment, we had a morning of street surfing. This was actually a very tricky sport and took a great deal of skill, but the children never gave up and had huge smiles on their faces! 


We finished off the half-term with an Ancient Greek Day. The children came in in brilliant costumes! We had Cerberus (the three-headed dog of the Underworld), Perseus, Medusa, Hermes, Poseidon and much more! We started the day learning how to write our names in Greek and we then presented our research projects. We spent the rest of the morning learning about Greek pottery and had a go at creating and decorating our own. Finally, in the afternoon we celebrated the day with a Greek banquet. We made and ate the Greek salad wraps we’ve been learning about in DT food and shared them together in the sunshine. The perfect way to end half-term!


We have been studying different artists from Kenya and creating our own pieces inspired by them. One of the artists who inspired us is Warguru Waithira. Luckily, we managed to get in contact with Warguru and we had a Teams meeting with her. The children prepared questions to ask her about her art, life in Kenya and the history that her art tells. She explained that most of the stories come from her great grandmother, who still inspires her with stories at the age of 110! Needless to say, the children were completely star-struck and in awe! Check out our Kenyan art below. 


We also celebrated World Book Day this term. Slightly different this year as a lot of children were learning at home, but we still came together to celebrate the day. Our Book Week was inspired by The Things We'll Build by Oliver Jeffers. We built time machines, our safe spaces out of shoe boxes and created pieces of art. 


Autumn 2

What a busy term it has been! We have been scientific investigators this half-term. We have planned all sorts of different scientific enquiries investigating forces. We've made parachutes, levers and even had a game of miniature ice hockey! 


We have also been artists and designers. The children have been studying the work of Peter Thorpe and have created their own abstract space art inspired by his pieces.  The children have used many different techniques to create textures and colours. We are very proud of how these turned out; they certainly brighten up our hallway! The children have also been designing, measuring, sawing and constructing their own space buggies from scratch! During these topics, they've shown excellent thinking skills, resilience and the ability to persevere. 


We've danced with Pudsey for Children in Need and eaten until we couldn't eat anymore on Christmas jumper day!

Autumn 1

Where did that first half-term go? It is has absolutely flown by! We've had a great start to the year. It's been busy, but full of fun! We've celebrated European Day of Languages with a visit from a Peruvian artist- Maya. Maya taught us some Spanish, shared her stories of travels around South America, taught us all about Day of the Dead and held an art workshop creating Mexican sugar skulls. In outdoor learning, the children have painted beautiful models of the solar system, carried out a fizzy bottle rocket investigation and carved scary Halloween faces out of clay. In geography, the children have competed against each other in Kahoots quizzes- this led to hysterical laughter and ear to ear grins! 

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page!

Teacher: Miss. Johnstone

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs. James

Key information:

Outdoor Learning: Tuesday (please come to school in ODL clothes)

P.E: Friday (please come to school in P.E kits) 




During our first topic, we are going to be exploring space. We will be travelling through our solar system discovering the movement of the Earth, moon and other planets; day and night and the planets in our solar system. We will be writing adventure stories about journeys through space as well as information texts based on the weird and wonderful creatures from the planet 'Pandora'. In art, we will be researching and using the art of Peter Thorpe to inspire our own rocket themed paintings. 

Year 5 Classroom