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Year 5

Spring Term in Year 5

In history this term, we have been studying the Kingdom of Benin. They have absolutely loved this topic! We’ve learnt about how the kingdom formed, its rulers from the Ogiso dynsasty to the Oba dynasty, the lives of ordinary people in the kingdom, its history over three periods, its artwork and its period of decline. We finished off our learning by creating beautiful information books showcasing everything we’ve learnt. The main event from this topic has been our debates. We debated whether or not the Benin bronzes should be returned to Nigeria after the British stole them and whether or not Britain should’ve invaded the kingdom. 


We started off our geography topic on Kenya by answering key questions about its location using atlases, globes and online sources. We’ve studied the different climate areas found across Kenya and compared it to Somerset. We’ve learnt about the structure of the Earth and tectonic plate movement to give us an understanding of how the Great Rift Valley in Kenya was formed. We moved on to volcanoes learning about how they are formed, the structure of a  volcano and volcanoes that can be found across Kenya and we finished off the topic studying natural resources and land use!


This half-term, in science, we have been studying properties and changes of materials. So, Year 5 have been busy working as chemists carrying out lots of different enquiries!

We’ve explored the properties of materials by testing their conductivity, permeability, solubility, hardness and response to magnets. We’ve planned and carried out our own investigations on dissolving and have also started to grow salt crystals to demonstrate how some materials can be recovered from a liquid, we’ve then been observing these under a microscope! We’ve started a problem solving activity using separation and filtering to make dirty water clean again and we’ve been investigating insulation layers. More to come on this topic!






World Book Day!

We kick-started this half-term with Book Week and World Book Day and what a wonderful week it was!  Cinderella challenged the class to make her a time keeping device that timed 20 seconds using only the equipment she had in her bag: sand, water, cups, skewers, straws, tape, tin foil and paper clips. This was a really tricky problem     solving task with lots of troubleshooting involved, but not one of them gave up! We had a surprise panto             performed by staff- the children were in fits of giggles from start to finish! We designed and made carriages for Cinderella, we followed clues around the school to help us find  Cinderella's lost shoe and after what feels like forever, we finally had a disco! We were also lucky enough to have a teams meeting with author of Darwin’s Dragon, Lindsay Galvin. She was  brilliant! She talked the children through the book, how she comes up with ideas for writing and she answered all of their questions about what it’s like being an author.


Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page!

Teacher: Miss. Johnstone

Teaching Assistant:  Mr Gower 

Key information:

P.E: Mondays, please come in to school in PE kit on these days. 




During our first topic, we are going to be exploring space. We will be travelling through our solar system discovering the movement of the Earth, moon and other planets; day and night and the planets in our solar system. We will be writing adventure stories about journeys through space as well as information texts based on the weird and wonderful creatures from the planet 'Pandora'. In art, we will be researching and using the art of Peter Thorpe to inspire our own rocket themed paintings.