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Throughout September last year, our Year 5 class met with 30 children from Yew Wah School, Shanghai. We spent a day together at a local environment centre learning about Anglo-Saxons. The children cooked campfire bread together, painted each others faces and did orienteering activities together. We also visited another local site for an art day. The children from Yew Wah spent the day with us at Catcott. The children began by getting to know each other, discussing their similarities, differences, what it's like in Shanghai and teaching some basic language skills. They worked alongside each other in groups making solar systems and took part in a quiz all about Somerset and Shanghai. The children have such a good time on these days with Yew Wah and learn a lot about Chinese culture. We are hoping it is safe enough for them to come and visit us again soon!


'I really enjoyed communicating and interacting with the Chinese students. I enjoyed playing games with them as it was fun to connect and see how different and similar we are.'- Year 5 pupil

'I really enjoyed talking to the Chinese children, looking at the artwork they brought with them and making bread with them. I learnt a lot about China. I learnt they don't have tractors in Shanghai, they're everywhere in Somerset!'- Year 5 pupil

'I really enjoyed seeing the children from Yew Wah, interacting with them on fun school trips and working together. I learnt some cool facts about China!'- Year 5 pupil

'I loved learning about China this way. I learnt their Chinese names and lots of differences between England and China. I loved every second of my time with them.'- Year 5 pupil