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PTA Eggs & Bake-on!

Thursday 28th March - Eggs & Bake-on!

Dear Families,

The next PTA fundraising event will be ‘Eggs & Bake On’ which will be held on Thursday 28th March.

Eggs - Children can design eggs for a competition being held on the 28th of March. The best designed / decorated egg will be chosen by the class teacher, and they will win a prize in assembly.

Bake – Also on the 28th of March, children will be able to bring in homemade cakes for another competition! These are taste tested and prizes also given out at assembly.

So, the cakes don’t go to waste we then have a school ‘Cake Sale’ where the cakes can be sold at 50p per slice.

We kindly ask a donation of 50p for the competitions.

Kind regards
PTA Team