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At Catcott we aim to Inspire children to be curious about the world. Through geography, children will develop a sense of wonder about the world around them and the wider world, as well as learning how to be global citizens. By developing an enquiry style approach, we are supporting the children in developing the school aims: independence, resilience and thinking skills. 


Our Geography curriculum is knowledge rich. This means the knowledge children will gain has been carefully specified, ordered coherently and builds over time. As children work through our geography curriculum they will know more and understand more about the world around them. The skills our curriculum develops, like the knowledge, are specified, ordered coherently and progress over time. This curriculum structure helps pupils to deepen their understanding of physical and human geographical processes.

As children work through the curriculum they will know more and understand more about their local area, the UK, Europe and the World.

Children will learn about key geographical concepts such as place, space, the environment and interconnection. Over time, children will add to their conceptual understanding with many examples of geographical knowledge in context. Children will become more skilled at answering questions such as; what is it like to live in this place? What are the challenges of this environment? How have people changed this landscape over time? Children will gain an understanding of what geographers do, what they look for and what they may say about a place.

Our geography curriculum equips pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people and environments. We have seen that arming children with powerful knowledge about the world around them helps them to develop a love for the subject of geography, and also recognise their own role in becoming a responsible global citizen.

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