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Useful Links to Try at Home​​​​​​​

  • Duolingo
    Duolingo is a free language game and online learning tool that can be used on a computer/tablet/phone. It enables children to practice French at their own level for a short time each day. They can choose their own targets and learning time and there are lots of rewards.

  • French Games
    This is completely interactive. Children choose a topic first from the beginner/primary list. They can then work through the graded lessons where the vocabulary is clearly presented (great for repetition) and practised. Next, they move on to the language learning games for further practice and can then choose from a range of assessment activities to assess their own learning.

  • Languages Online
    Another interactive site with lots for children to do. This is good for presentation/recap of vocabulary with some songs, a variety of interactive tasks and it also has some downloadable worksheets.

  • Euro Club- French Zone
    Useful for learning about France and French culture as well as learning useful vocabulary, ideal for project work on France. There are resources on various cultural topics with linked worksheets and a sing-along section with a range of French songs.