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We aim to ensure all our children develop confidence and a general love of language and the written word, through a text based approach. The texts we are using in our writing lessons have careful links across the curriculum to ensure that children’s English learning is relevant and meaningful, where possible linking our reading, writing and the themes that we are covering in foundation subjects.


We believe in immersing our children in texts through reading and analysing the skills of an expert writer, we use book talk of both fiction and non-fiction books and good examples of the text type we are focusing on, which then becomes a guide for the children as they explore writing their own text. This is important as through this emersion, children become aware of the language skills of a writer and use this as a model for their writing. Using this model, children develop greater competence in the conventions of spelling, punctuation, sentence structures and text organisation. We place a huge emphasis on using talk to improve our writing and on shared work to allow children to feel confident to try new things and experiment with their own writing. The teacher models how to 'think as a writer' when writing, editing and publishing their work, helping to instil thinking skills within all of our children. We use live feedback as a way for children to help children understand how to improve their work and to support their independence. Our children become resilient writers as they learn that writing takes time and effort to be the best it can be.